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Science Share:
Quantum Physics shows us that a particle cannot manifest in reality until we observe it. We are the power that creates.
I get that.
We create our reality based on our thoughts: “Collapse of the wave function” or the “observer effect.”
I get that.
We have power to create a reality where we are healthy, wealthy and happy.
Absolutely, I get that.
But…most of us don’t do that, do we?
Most of us overthink things that happened in the past…
Dwell in our past experiences and allow them to determine our future memories.
I get that
With willful attention …and repeated daily efforts, I can use my mind, as an observer, to collapse quantum particles and arrange an infinite number of subatomic waves of probability into a desired event called an experience.
Simply put
With persistent actions, completed on a daily basis, I create my own reality.
And so can you…
That’s what’s on my mind today, my lovelies….