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In November of 2014, I became a facilitator for a program “Conscious Aging”. This past month, I completed teaching my first series of classes at OLLI (Osher Life Long Learning Institute) at Widener University.

The third phase of life is a great opportunity for spiritual, emotional, and psychological growth. It’s a time to celebrate a life journey, to harvest the wisdom of those experiences, and to share what was meaningful in the company of others. 

Giving elders the venue to share with others who are ready to embrace this final phase of life with joy and curiosity has been an amazing experience for me. Folks came to learn about how to let go of fear and share their fears about growing older. They came to raise their awareness about the choices they have made and they limitations they may be placing on themselves as they continue to age. We talked about changing our beliefs, those beliefs that we “learned”, so that we could pioneer a new way of aging. One that considers elders in our culture as fonts of wisdom and strength rather that bodies to be placed aside to make way for youth obsessed ideas.

The program was developed by Noetic Sciences specifically for seniors who are ready to embrace this final stage of their journey. I believe it has even greater meaning to those who are 45 and over as it delves into subjects like self compassion and self forgiveness which helps us all to explore our self limiting beliefs and assumptions about aging while we are still raising families and are most likely involved in some form of elder care.

I found that elders are yearning to engage in dialogue together on the issues of aging. They are looking for guidance, connection and community to help pave the way for a new way of thinking and being. Isn’t it just like us baby boomers….to change the way we do things because we don’t like how things have been done!

To learn more about the program, please feel free to contact me as I love having conversation around these issues and subjects. I am planning on offering an 8 week virtual course in the near future, details are still swimming about in my head.