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Because I’m Sixty…2nd Installment in the series

I finally decided to have a minor procedure that I’ve been putting off for many years. I had a broken baby toe and over the years calcium deposited over the bone creating an ugly and large toe which most recently has kept me from hiking long periods of time. Since I love to hike, and am planning on hiking long distances for the remainder of my time on this planet, I wanted to have it repaired.

I visited with Dr. Kevin at Brandywine Hospital and he assured me it would be an easy fix. To prepare, I wanted to make sure I was in the best internal health I could be in. I researched Arnica and started taking arnica pellets 4 days before the surgery. There are some possible side effects from Arnica and I’m not a doctor, so make sure you do your own research before you use Arnica.

Arnica assisted in making sure I was healing from the inside out. Dr. Kevin told me I’d be ‘off my feet for two weeks’. In three days, I was walking around pretty good and within 8 days I had no pain and no swelling. For the first three days I read, took an online class and was kind of disappointed that I could move around so well after the 3 days. I enjoyed my down time very much!
Here are some things I learned about myself:

Yes, I can be still. I prepared myself by downloading some movies, making sure my kindle was fired up and ready to go, purchased a good read, got groovy foods in the house so I could make yummy smoothies and engaged my support system, my hubby Bob to be on call for me. There was a time when I would have complained about not being able to “do” everything. Thankfully, that kind of thinking has become a thing of the past. I have learned that in the quiet and stillness comes serenity and a beautiful connection with Source. Taking care of myself was my first priority and I did it well! When we let go of the ‘ego’ which feels the need to do and just allow ourselves to be, healing happens more quickly (my opinion).

You don’t have to break a sweat to move your body. This was interesting for me, being as I like to work out with vigor. No can do…It’s been two weeks and the stitches don’t come out until Friday, so no jumping, climbing, running etc for me. What I did was to pay attention to my body by lying still and beginning to create movement patterns in my mind. I started off by becoming aware of any areas that were stiff and gently moving around them, working with the joints and moving to the muscles. By day four, I could do some yoga moves and stretches while keeping my foot elevated. I didn’t want a large amount of blood flow so I kept my movements very slow and relaxed. Our bodies communicate with us 24/7. When we are healing, our bodies are helping us to do so by encouraging us to maintain some kind of movement. My ego wants me to be able to run and jump, like normal.
I can be mindful of my food intake. Obviously, I didn’t need my normal caloric intake because I was sitting around. This is when many people gain weight, because I guess they compensate for being bored by eating. I could have gone down that road very easily. But I decided to be mindful of my intake. When I was craving junk food, I asked myself what I was really hungry for. If I was able to think a moment and work through the temporary crave, I was able to decide on a happier choice for my body and my healing process. Awareness is the key here as it is in most everything else in life.

That’s it folks. Hopefully my experience will help you when you need to go under the knife! See you on the trails!!