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I turned 60 years old in November. I figure I can go a couple of ways with this next phase of my human development. I can use my age as an excuse to be careful about the terrors of aging, or I can continue to raise my awareness and make decisions for myself (leaving out popular opinion) using my inner guidance system to carry me forward with enthusiasm and energy. Guess which option I’m going for?

This year, you may seeing more postings on my experiences and some resources I find that you may find helpful for yourself. If you read my blog post on my mushy year, you know I started the process of engaging full out with my aging by getting some medical tests taken to get my baseline. Turns out, I’m pretty healthy. No medications needed. I had to push for an ultrasound because my dad died of an abdominal aortic aneurysm so I wanted to see if I had one (genetic) and I was experiencing some pain in the same region. Good news…no to the aneurysm…other news…slightly fatty liver. Which I would not have known had I not pushed for the ultrasound, so score one for me for being pushy with my doctor, who is outstanding in his field, by the way.

Before I had the tests completed, I went off all my supplementation (Vitamin D, DHEA, Vitamin C and B12). The test showed that all my numbers in these areas were well within the normal range which helped me to confirm my theory that going off supplementation every once in awhile may be a good idea to allow your body to reset. Now, as I write this, I’m hearing a bunch of people clamoring about my spouting opinions without having a proper medical background, so here it is, loud and clear: I AM NOT A MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL. THE PURPOSE OF THIS BLOG IS TO SHARE WITH WHOEVER READS THIS MY EXPERIENCE AND MY OPINION BASED ON ME AND ONLY ME. THE PURPOSE OF THIS BLOG IS TO SHARE SOME RESOURCES THAT WILL ALLOW YOU TO EDUCATE YOURSELF TO SOME ALTERNATIVES IF YOU CHOOSE TO DO SO. THAT IS ALL…

The fatty liver thing had me a bit concerned. I eat a pretty clean diet, all organic and local whenever I can. Anyone wanting to email me or call me to discuss local options for clean food, just do so. I’m always happy to discuss. You know I exercise regularly and my stress level is pretty low. It’s interesting that I had just come back from a trip to Italy where I ate carbs, carbs, carbs and then came back to take the blood tests. What was I thinking? I’ll tell ya…I wanted the worst case scenario! At this point, I really didn’t want to change my diet at all, but had to be open to discussion as I had gained a bunch of weight while in Italy (ya think?) and wanted to hear the advice from my doctor, who I trust very much. And so he said to me, you might want to consider removing grain from your diet. Oh crap…We had an enlightened conversation around grain and grain sources here in the good old USA. We talked about following the primal blueprint eating plan.  I agreed to give it a go but I’ve never been an extremist, so I did the best I could and only committed to that. It did help me. I lost the weight I gained from the trip, but more importantly for me, I lost the inflammation in my body. What I thought was a layering of fat, turned out to be inflammation. My body just got leaner pretty quickly. So, as of this writing, I don’t eat grains, even multi grain sprouted stuff for the most part. Every couple of weeks, I may have something if the mood strikes, but interestingly enough, dropping the grains also eliminated cravings. Here’s an article by Dr. Mercola that may explain it for you. Okay, that’s all I’ve got to share on the food front for now.

In other news, I just participated in the Sixth Tapping World Summit (Emotional Freedom Technique/EFT). That was interesting and opened me up to learning more about energy medicine. I’ll be speaking to different protocols of energy medicine as we go along this year. As far as more information about EFT, I could give you a link for some resources, but honestly if you want to know more, just Google “EFT” and your particular challenge, i.e. “EFT and Crohn’s Disease” and you’ll get all the information you need to make a decision or to take a first baby step towards learning more.

One of the tapping seminars was conducted by Pat Carrington, Ph.D. Dr. Pat is 89 years old and creating her life every day. She talked about looking at trees and their aging process. She says growing is the thing that keeps us going. An older tree will be selective as to wear it shoots its new growth. Less new growth, but strategically placed and just as vibrantly green as a new tree. Simple, yet profound.

Here’s what I know to be true for me today. I’ve spent the last couple of years mentioning my ‘age’. I don’t know why I found it necessary to point out to people that I was getting older. It doesn’t matter. I just felt the need to do it. Now, I believe it is because I was wrapping my head around my beliefs about aging and wanted to understand more about where those beliefs came from. For me, I learned that they came from the same place as all other beliefs come from. What I’ve been taught, what my experience has been with other elders, some positive, some negative. Those beliefs have absolutely nothing to do with my 75 trillion cells that make up me and my cells and I choose to live life full out. I feel so very alive right now. I’m excited about learning more, growing quickly, opening my heart and brain and seeing what falls in! Wow! My child is grown and gone off to live her abundant life. My husband and I still respect and love each other and are both willing to let go of the ‘roles’ in life so that we can be authentic to ourselves, independent yet connected. There is absolutely nothing holding me back from realizing my very fullest potential.