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Welcome to the third video in our 6 Stages of Change series.  Today, I discuss the stage of Contemplation.  When I am working with my coaching clients who are in this stage, often they say things like “I May…” or “I Should…”  They are thinking that they have a challenge, but aren’t thinking in terms of making a change just yet.  They are beginning to think about the solution and considering what their life would look like without this particular challenge.

Some tools at this stage include:

1. Social liberation – you acknowledge, as a smoker for instance, that there are non-smoking areas you can go to.  Or, if you are an over-eater, consider looking at the healthier, low-fat menu items when visiting a restaurant.

2. Who do you have in your life that can help you?

3. Think emotionally how your life will be better once this challenge in life is gone.

4. What intellectually do you feel about this challenge?  Where are you now – and where would you like to be?

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