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Here’s A THOUGHT SHARE from my dear friend and spiritual playmate, Deb Reilly.

hand planting seeds imageWhat seeds have you planted that are now coming ready for harvest?

In the coaching realm, it’s largely about asking good questions; the kind of questions that are thought-provoking and cause a person to delve deeper into themselves for the answers.  The right questions are the seeds; the eventual answers that arise from a client’s deeper levels are the harvest.

For me, one answer to this simple question is quite literal: “pumpkins”.  Thousands of pumpkins sit outside our back door waiting to be harvested.  While we didn’t actually put the seeds into the ground, I feel like we have been intimately involved in their life cycle from the first day.  The metaphors are numerous.  They destroyed a forest to clear this field and we feared they might be planning to “pave paradise to put up a parking lot” (thanks Joni Mitchell).  Instead, they planted pumpkins!  And our concerns were transformed into the joy of creation, enjoying the magic growing before us daily, with a hindsight awareness that we had needlessly drained energy worrying about the future of this land.

One of the less literal seeds planted in me, but at some levels deeply mirroring my journey with the pumpkin patch, has to do with how to live in uncertainty.  Uncertainty is a huge part of the human condition.  Change is always imminent and resistance is always futile.  We watched the pumpkin patch change almost daily with a sincere curiosity about what would happen next, and with ongoing delight as the next phase revealed itself.  What an awesome way to move through life!  How powerful it is to bring that same sincere curiosity and delight to the other ways that uncertainty is showing up in our lives!  We can assume things will change.  Can we also live such that we assume things will unfold in wonderful and delicious ways?? That strikes me as a true key to freedom!

And while I feel I am – metaphorically speaking – still clearly a patch in progress, the seeds of freedom are being sown!  What will the harvest yield??  It’s not as clear as pumpkin seeds growing into the inevitable pumpkins.  But I know that one of the greatest gifts of my harvest is peace!  As with the pumpkin patch, some of the pumpkins are currently huge and ripe and very orange, while others are in various stages of growth, clearly not yet ready to be picked.  All of the seeds were planted the same day, but not all the fruit is ripening at the same time.  Perhaps that is why I sometimes live embedded in a peace and freedom that fills with me a deep quiet or makes my heart soar, and other times it is a place I can only glimpse at, if even that.

Perhaps the seeds I’ve planted are not all ripening at the same time and the harvest is not quite as lush as it may come to be.  But can I move through the moments of my days curious about what will happen next and delighted as each new change presents itself, even without any certainty about where it’s all headed?  If so, then I am planting good seeds which will undoubtedly reap a good harvest.  All I know for sure is that in this moment, I am truly curious as to what will happen next, and deeply grateful for all that is.  And I hope you may enjoy the seeds of change you yourself have planted, and the undefined freedom anticipating the wonderful harvest you are bound to reap.  So dear ones, what seeds have you planted?  And perhaps even more important, what seeds will you plant today?

Debora Reilly, Certified Coach, In Balance Coaching