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A short story…

This week, I met with a member of my brainstorming group, “Dragon Ladies”. We were brainstorming about how my coaching practice is evolving.  I was ‘filling her in’ on my journey and she said…tell your story. I guess I’ve told parts of the story to different people at different times, but as we were brainstorming it came to her that the kind of coaching I am being drawn to speaks to the choices I have made in my life.

This story tells about my decision to be what I wanted to be and not so much about what I needed to do. I’ve put it down like bullet points, because I’m guessing you really don’t want to take the time to read a bunch of prose from a person who is not actually a writer. I’m keeping it simple, more for me than for you!

  • Twenty five years ago, Bob and I were driving through Chester Springs. I looked over to what was then a field and said to him “That would be a great place for a personal training studio. I’d like to have one in that location some day.” It was a FIELD…
  • A few years later, a shopping center was built on that field. I was busy raising our baby and teaching fitness classes and doing personal training in homes around the area. I wanted to be flexible…I wanted to be mom and enjoy each and every day, so I arranged work around the family life and took the financial hit that comes when you make that decision.
  • Again, a few years later, I found myself thinking once more about owning a personal training studio. Shannon was growing fast, in school all day and my in home personal training business had grown to all that I could handle on my own and still be home for family life.
  • The shopping center in Chester Springs was booming. It’s a high end area and there were high end stores and everyone was happy there. I spoke to a couple of realtors and they said I had a slim-to-none chance of getting a spot there. I laughed and said…when I’m ready, the space will open.
  • A couple of years go by. I’m now serious about having a storefront. I was finished driving all day to different homes and wanted to offer a special centered space for my clients to feel part of a community.  The realtors were saying the same thing…..look elsewhere. I said nope and in 2 weeks time, one business in that shopping center made a midnight move and I found myself with a 1600 square foot private personal training studio in that shopping center in Chester Springs.  And I signed my lease on September 11, 2001. Crazy…but happy…
  • Eight years later, my intuition was telling me to sell and move on. The economy was taking a hit. I sold.  Shannon went to college. I was home, with a whole bunch of time on my hands. Oops!
  • Do I get a job in an office? What am I qualified to do if I get out of the fitness business? The ego was driving the bus and I was along for the fear ride. Going through the money I made because I wanted to go back to school to be a coach without having any idea what I was actually going to do with that certification. The ego was driving the bus, but the still voice inside me was driving my intuition and my authenticity and telling me…stay in the moment; don’t think too much. Thank goodness! I held out…no office work for me…the very idea of putting myself within 4 walls with fluorescent lighting made me feel like putting a bullet in my head.
  • Two years later. I’m running another successful business by my definition. I work with clients I love. My peers and support system are an amazing group of individuals that feed me and I hope I feed them in some way.  I’ve put the pieces of the ‘business’ in order by being a health/wellness life coach and an adult education instructor;  and now….
  • My soul is once again looking for a way to enlarge, engage, and expand. Maybe, just maybe, I can have a soulful conversation with other women who want to find a way to engage and expand. Women like me who may have had to compromise, struggle, live in fear…but not about the obvious stuff that life throws your way. There are women who are struggling inside..not sharing their thoughts…living in fear that they have waited too long and have lost themselves…giving up on the idea that they can make a difference in the world..one person at a time..starting with themselves.

I am not going to tell you the part of my story that includes menopause nightmares, adrenal gland being fried from stress, anxiety sometimes where I couldn’t get out of my car. Because, you know what, I really don’t remember those things. I need to dredge them up to think about them, and I don’t want to. I feel happier being happy! Every move I’ve made, I’ve made from a position of choice. And this I know to be true….we ALL can make choices every day.

So, someday..maybe in the not too distant future, I may be inviting you all into my “living room” for a soulful conversation. What will you say?