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baby steps

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The most favorite block to moving forward that I hear is… I don’t know where to start. It’s overwhelming. Information overload at its best. For those of you who are looking to begin an exercise program, change your eating habits or change the way you look at your life currently, I’m guessing it’s much easier and much more clear to simply, just NOT do.

Where can I begin? The answer…just begin.

Take a step. You don’t have to even have an end goal in mind. End goals are overrated and change as you go along anyway. How cool would it be to just take one step towards something you believe would make your life juicer, more enjoyable, happier and see what happens?

Whenever I feel a change coming (and I always feel it first, right in my gut), I allow the feelings to surface. Do I feel good or do I feel bad? If I feel bad, I’m sure the path I’m considering is NOT the way to proceed. So, I pick an action that makes me feel good, something fun and easy and makes me giggle. At this stage, what you pick really doesn’t matter. You’ll get to where you want to go eventually. But this I know..if it’s too hard, or unrealistic or, heaven forbid, something you think you should do as opposed to wanting to do it…you will get discouraged, lose confidence and then the F word..fail.

I’m realizing something about myself. I’m getting tired of the do word I’ve been doing for a very long time, and in times past it was exhausting.  Always have something to do. Always working towards an end goal. In the past year, I’ve taken more time to get to know myself. I’ve taken the time to do nothing…lay on the grass, look into my dog’s eyes, listen to the trees rustle, dance whenever I feel like it, and ya know what…I’m happier, more fulfilled and leading what my definition of a ‘successful’ life is. So, here are some suggestions for you should you decide to take the road less traveled.

Be mindful of your life. It goes by quickly, doesn’t it? How often have you said life is buzzing by and days are over before you realize it. Learning to be mindful and in the present moment will change your perception about how quickly your life is moving. Living mindfully and presently allows you to experience each moment to its fullest and it feels like your heart just fills with love and gratitude for all that surrounds you.

Keep your life simple. What you need versus what you want may be a wonderful writing exercise to undertake. If you had to choose on the most important people, things, etc. in your life, what would you want to have with you? Life is truly simple, folks, we just make it complicated with our dramas.

Move for fun. May be strange advice coming from a recovering personal trainer, but that’s how I feel. Exercise is important. Seeing how much weight your shoulders can handle is not. If it’s not fun, you won’t continue to do it. Move..dance…play…extend yourself and yes, challenge your heart and muscles WHEN you are ready to do so. You won’t get there though if you are wary of the first move…get it?

Eat foods that make you feel light and healthy. Start by asking yourself before you eat, what is my body asking for? If you sit quietly before crashing into that bag of chips, you might make a different decision. And you may not…really doesn’t matter. What matters is that you took a step forward and where willing to see what the next step may look like.

Now…just pick one of the above and…begin!