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Last week I received an email from one of my consulting clients… “There will be a mandatory meeting on Friday.”

That’s it. There will be a mandatory meeting on Friday. This was on a Tuesday. What do you think my first reaction was? OMG – I’m getting fired. What will I do? How will I find another client to fill the billing hours right away? I knew it didn’t have anything to do with the quality of my work, but couldn’t help feeling responsible, like I could change the outcome of….oh, I know…I didn’t know!?

I am going to say I was very proud of myself. It took only about 10 minutes of negative meanderings through thought processes leading me down the road to gloom and doom before I realized that I knew NOTHING about what this meeting was going to be about. Absolutely nothing!

But there I was, making myself anxious and worried for absolutely no reason at all. Nada…zippo…

I love the way lessons keep on coming at me fast and furious. After my 10 minute rant, I sat myself down and reflected on the relationship I have had with the client over the past two years. Nothing but positive thoughts filtered through my mind and heart. I have had the opportunity to work with a great bunch of human beings, learned so much through the process, know that I have contributed to their growth and have enjoyed a marvelous life partly because of the association I have with them.

My body relaxed. My mind came back to present. My soul opened to the possibility of being open to whatever would be presented at that meeting. That’s it. Story over.

I didn’t spend the next three days wondering what if…..I spent the next three days going about my business, being in curiosity as to what the universe had in store for me and continued to live my life in the present moment, knowing that my future is always delightful because God has my back.

By the way…the news was great!


Have you ever been in this same situation – one in which you panicked at first?  How did you calm yourself down?  Please comment below and let’s start a conversation!