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Save the date: April 28th (9-10am) for a Fitness Bootcamp.  I’m hosting this event in my backyard to support friends going on a humanitarian effort to Zambia, Africa in July.

Help my friends inspire the young people of this country to greatness of purpose. I’ve been saying for years, charity is a wonderful thing, but teaching people who want to be taught independence and self reliance is our future and an amazing way to give your love!

Carrie Campbell, one of the drivers of this movement, has this to say, “FTRNation is an organization that inspires people to live their own success by helping them find their true purpose in life. Living a life that is fulfilling and successful is something that we believe each and every soul on this earth is deserving of.  Audacity of Purpose: Mission to Zambia illustrates this belief. In July 2012 the crew at FTRN along with 3 other invitees will venture to Zambia, Africa to inspire change – change that reaches further than the simplicity of donating money to a cause. We will visit Zambia this year and years to come with the intent on inspiring the belief in each soul that we touch that anything is possible.”  Here is a video to learn more about the Mission:

You can make your donations to Audacity of Purpose at the Bootcamp.  100% of the donations will be sent to Carrie and Brian for their Mission.

We’ll post registration details here on the blog shortly.  In the meantime, please save the date!