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I woke up with this thought this morning.

What do I practice during each day that I really would rather not have in my life?

The things we practice on a regular basis become habits. They become habits through practice. But, what are we practicing?

The first thing I usually do in the morning is to wrap myself in my security blanket (The beautiful Irish shawl Bob bought for me) and go to my meditation chair (The beautiful chair that Bob bought for me), sit and meditate while gazing at the candle alter (Bob bought for me) and meditate on whatever my guides and angels are nudging me to see for this day. This is a practice that serves me.

After pouring a cup of coffee (that Bob always has ready for me), I go downstairs to my office and check my emails and get on Facebook. This is a practice that does NOT serve me.

And then the day begins and I continue to practice habits that serve me and those that do not. What if I start to become more aware of the practices that do NOT serve me and begin to eliminate them from my life? Will I then have more space for the magic that is waiting for me? I think so…and so I shall continue to practice being aware. Being aware is the first step towards change, and I believe, the most resourceful practice we can give to ourselves. To just observe our practices for a time, without judgment or without needing to draw conclusions on our personal failings may lead to taking an action towards changing out one practice for another.

What If…

  • Instead of practicing checking emails and Facebook in the morning ….. I practiced, well….. pretty much anything would be better 😉
  • Instead of practicing multi-tasking while Shannon and Bob are talking to me, I practiced listening to them with love and compassion?
  • Instead of practicing focusing on what needs to be completed each day, I practiced focusing on what is right in front of me and trusted that the universe always has my back…ALWAYS!!
  • Instead of practicing shopping, I practiced giving?
  • Instead of practicing always looking for a solution, I practiced sitting in patience and trusting the solution will show itself?

That’s what I woke up thinking this morning and I wanted to share it with you because just maybe you would like to change what you practice in your life.

Oh..and by the way…a big shout out to Bob…You are a Gem…Just sayin’ my man…