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What is Corporate Health and Wellness Coaching?

If you are ready to help your employees and/or patients and their families lead healthier lives through a wide array of telephonic, onsite and web-based health and wellness coaching programs, you’ll want to speak with me. My programs, which cover topics ranging from prenatal health and wellness to smoking cessation to nutrition, are offered to participants on an unlimited basis through telephonic coaching and my HIPAA compliant web based education and communication portal.

Through access to this website participants will be able to:

  • Chat with me – a Health Coach / Wellness Coach
  • Track their progress through any of the health coaching tools
  • Journey progress and share journals with their coach
  • Link to hundreds of wellness resources throughout the country.
  • Raise their awareness with numerous self administered assessment tools
  • Continue to raise their awareness with hundreds of articles made available through a reputable medical library
  • Work with their coach online so the coach can monitor their progress as they move forward

Here’s a synopsis of how Corporate Health and Wellness Coaching works:

During the initial intake session, I determine the participant’s readiness to change, using Prochaska’s ‘Readiness to Change’ model; and build a personalized plan accordingly. The behavior change process unfolds as the participant moves forward at a pace that works for them, and is characterized by six distinct stages. By matching an intervention to the appropriate stage, I can improve the member’s probability of success.

Success, moreover, is generally defined not just by changing the unhealthy behavior but by any movement toward change, such as a transition from one stage of readiness to another. Another important and innovative contribution of this model is its emphasis on maintaining change. The model recognizes that relapse is common.

And then there is the ROI (Return on Investment)

  • Telephonic health coaching / wellness coaching nearly doubles a smoker’s odds of quitting; and maintaining cessation for one year. Source: American Cancer Society, 2004
  • A monster.com (2006) survey of human resource professionals found four key reasons that telephonic health coaching / wellness coaching is gaining popularity: convenience; anonymity; flexibility; and cost.
  • Employees with high BMI have, on average, $2,366 higher medical claims per year than those with normal BMI. They also had twice as many absentee days, accounting for $863 in lost work time and productivity per year. – Burton, 2001

A healthier company begins with healthier employees.

Health and Wellness Coaching can include, but not be limited to the following categories

  • Complimentary and Alternative Medicine
  • Disease Management
  • Diet and Nutrition
  • Fitness Education
  • Pre-and Post-natal Wellness
  • Smoking/Tobacco Cessation and Prevention
  • Stress Management
  • Walking
  • Weight Management
  • Work/Life Balance
  • Family Relationships

Would you like learn more about the corporate health and wellness coaching I provide at Health By Design? Then please call or email me so that we can discuss your questions.