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On Tuesday, January 3, 2012, I was honored to be an on-air guest of Dr. Lauren Schofield‘s on her Wellness411 show on WCHE1520AM in West Chester, PA!

We spoke about how to approach 2012 with intention.  We also spoke about my recent blog post Remembering, Letting Go and Creating, in which I list an exercise of questions to use to help you remember 2011, and set up your ideal 2012.

Dr. Lauren asked me to give a brief overview of my experience in the fitness and wellness industry, as well as the health coaching clientele I now serve.

Click here to access the 23-minute MP3 recording of my Wellness411 radio interview with Dr. Lauren Schofield.  It was a fun and different way for me to tell people about the health coaching and corporate health and wellness programs I provide.