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Merry Christmas Everyone!
Image of North Star by John Chumack of GalacticImages.comAh, the season is again upon us. I wonder how you are all feeling about this holiday season. In my line of work, I’ve been talking to a great many people this past month and I’m excited to share that so many people are electing NOT to get stressed over this holiday. And I say “Hallelujah!!” I’m hearing affirmations, such as commitments to pay cash for presents, or not buying presents…cutting back on the “obligations” and looking for joy in their daily activities. A welcome change to the way some people are embracing the season.
Here’s a message from Christine Campbell, Pastor at Temenos Church

Whispers of Light and Love

Through Darkest Night they walked beckoned by the distant Light. Angels sang “Gloria in Excelsis” as shepherds watched their flocks by night. A mother in a stable lowly gave birth as prophets foretold. On that Holy Night a Child was born and the World was forever changed. Who were the Magi? What did the Shepherds see? Can we even begin to imagine what such a young mother felt?



The season of Advent brings contemplations on Hope, Peace, Love and Joy. Yet the Season begins as days fade and nights grow longer.  In the darkest of Seasons the Angels appear to Mary informing her she would give birth to the Son of God. The Angels appear to the shepherds and the Magi see a Star so bright they journey forth.


Out of the dark, The miracle of Love grew and became manifest on earth in a tiny child. Light became visible in the darkest of nights.


The journey for All of us in Advent is the journey that calls us from fear and separation into the greater way of love and kindness. We journey from dark to light. We are called to this journey over and over during our lives. We will walk through many dark nights and we will have many bright days. Some journeys will be more difficult, while others less stressful.



Nevertheless we walk on through the dark because we have been called by a Great Light. We walk in Hope. We cultivate Peace. We find Joy. Eventually we become the Love we seek. it is then that the miracle of the tiny baby; Jesus the Christ is born again.



May Your Journey be fruitful this season.

May You shine Your Light on All.

Be blessed and be a blessing.