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I’m hearing all over the place people whining about tax day. It comes every year, same day, yet so many of us treat it like it’s a big surprise. I’m also listening to the Law of Attraction folks talk about abundance and the ability to create it by changing thoughts, then actions. I get that…not easy to do…but I get it.
I like the idea of having the knowing that the universe brings us all that we desire, as long as we are in vibration with our energy, but I also like having a plan to “get er done”, so to speak. Here are some ideas on abundance thinking, no matter what you are trying to have in abundance.
Get on a schedule. –
If you have bills to pay, pay them regularly in small increments. This way you are always moving forward. Like developing a plan for healthy living. Pick a small thing you can do, something that’s going to make you feel good about yourself, decide when you are going to do it and move forward. Small + Incremental = Moving Forward. Waiting drains your energy.

Fill your gas tank.

I fill up my gas tank when I go to the station. Even if I don’t have the money, I figure out a way. It makes me feel rich and secure. Just an idea. You can also fill up your energy tank for your life. What will make you feel rich and secure in your healthy endeavors? Buying great food for the house? Getting some great bath salts for your reward bath? Taking a look at your yard to see what you can use as a piece of exercise equipment? Get creative and fill up your tank.
Give a Little
Simple. When you are feeling poor, dig in and give a little away. It ALWAYS comes back to you in some way. ALWAYS. The stuff isn’t really “yours” anyway. And pay for services that you are getting with gratitude.
Work on Negative Words
Somebody listening out there folks. When you say negative things or think in a negative manner, you are pushing you ability to create abundance down. Reframe your words to reflect a meaningful, positive purpose to your actions. Chill out….
Grains of sands, leaves on the trees, birds in the air, water in the ocean, lightening bugs. Abundance is everywhere….why not you? Start being rich in your language and see where it takes you in your search for abundance in life.
Is the single most beneficial gift we are given, and it’s in abundance, but we shorten it and make it labor for us. Deep breathes….keep them coming. Relax into the feeling and being that is you. It’s healthy and a very wise thing to do.

Wishing you abundant success on this journey…