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Even though today is a cloudy day, the change in clocks is allowing for more light and sunshine and I’m excited about this time of renewal!
Allow for the shift however because, the transition itself can be unsettling to the natural flow until the new rhythm settles. Once that has happened, the shift in perspective always opens up fresh ideas and creative opportunities.
A similar result can be gained from choosing voluntarily to change old habits or patterns of thought and behavior which no longer serve you. And Spring is certainly an excellent time to refresh your commitment to your health and wellness and all activities relating to your success as a person living with abundant health.
Habits can be hard and initially uncomfortable to break. However, it is always worth releasing the creative energy which becomes locked in a loop when you are entrenched in habitual routines. So here’s a tip to help you do just that:
• Alter your regular daily routine in one significant area which has an effect on the habit you are aiming to let go of.
For example, if you normally do your exercise after you have finished a whole load of other tasks on your ‘to do’ list, try turning this around and do your exercise first.
Repeat this approach for 21 days to reinforce your new rhythm … and then review the results. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if you discover an improvement in the quality and the quantity of your physical activity, all from one simple, yet well-chosen change.
I’d love to hear about the changes you are choosing to make this Spring in support of your abundant health!