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I’ve been asked these questions and I’m sharing the answers with you. Hope they help with your quest for overall health and fitness.

I only want to lose weight and tone my butt and thighs area. Why am I doing exercises for my arms?

Tapping into your mind body connection is a key component of any worthwhile exercise program. Getting healthy and staying fit and feeling great for a lifetime is a great goal to have. What is the point of exercising only one or two parts of your body? Your body strives for symmetry in all things. Many people like to focus on one area of their bodies and largely ignore the other areas. This results in men with huge chests and biceps and spindly chicken legs. Time to start those squats, guys! There is nothing more beautiful than a symmetrical body, where all the muscles are equally firm. Keeping specific body genetics as well as overall goals in mind are components in designing a workout program geared toward health and symmetry.

What is the importance of “core training” and why can’t I just do crunches?

In the real world, we stand, we step, we walk, we bend, we lift, we twist and we perform all sorts of variations of movements that involve a sequence of muscular contractions. These movements initiate from the body’s “core.” The “core” muscles are completely neglected when you perform only one exercise. If you limit your resistance exercise to just one movement, you are missing out on developing muscles and neuromuscular conditioning that will aid you in everything from climbing stairs to throwing a football to lifting a child and walking your dog.

Train your body, mind and spirit with consistency and persistency. Remember the saying…(I can’t remember who said it)…Life is a journey, not a race. Design a life plan for yourself that involves fulfillment in all areas of your life and make it realistic so that it doesn’t feel like a struggle or chore. Then go forth and live the fullest life you can and be present with that.

Wishing you peace, light, and love on your journey,