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Good Morning!

I woke up this morning thinking…..

Summer time is a time to spend with friends and family
Eating, drinking and living life with a lightness in our hearts.
Maybe some people have a difficult time staying on a healthy living
Plan while eating, drinking and living life with a lightness in
Our hearts. So..I’m sharing some ideas that may help you without
Making you feel like it’s a chore and burden to be mindful about
Your bodies during this season.

1 `Drink loads of water. Your body dehydrates so quickly in this heat. Keep drinking water all day. Drink at least one full glass of water before reaching for your next alcoholic beverage at a party.
2 Get your exercise in early in the morning before the air becomes heavy. If it can only be 10 minutes..do it anyway.
3 Before exercise do a quick mindful meditation about what you want your day to be. Two minutes is what I’m talking about. Just be present and be!
4 Set your intentions about the foods you will eat before the day begins. Enjoy the fresh fruits and veggies we have available to us now.
5 Before going to a party, think about how you want to feel when the party is over. Content and happy…or..sluggish, tired and bloated? ?
6 Try to avoid salty food at parties. You know the chips come out. It’s an easy thing to serve. Eating salty foods along with being dehydrated? Yuck!
7 Be mindful of the food you are putting in your mouth. Use a plate when eating finger foods. Fill it with what you want and walk away from the table.
8 Combine fresh fruit and a lean protein for a satisfying meal at a party. Your body won’t want more.
9 A few moments spent in the morning intending your day including exercise, eating and contemplation will go a long way towards making you feel empowered to sustain healthy living patterns throughout the summer.

These are just a few thoughts I wanted to share with you from my morning meditation. Sometimes I think everyone knows this stuff, why share it again? Then I remember, every day your mind opens up to new ideas (even if you’ve heard them before) and maybe today one will resonate with you and help you along your way.

Any questions? Get it touch!