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I just finished my third boot camp for charity a few minutes ago. The ladies that show up to camp are wonderful. We have loads of fun and, ya know what I like the most?, they don’t complain! Well, they do but it is all in fun and they do the work! maybe it’s because it’s for charity, I’m not sure but it made me think…….how do people think they are going to see the changes they want, if they are unwilling to change what they currently do?

I sit with a potential client, lay out what changes need to be made and the excuses begin. Now, as a coach, I understand that people are in different stages of change, not always ready to take action. I like to meet them where they are and help them figure out how to move a step forward. And I really enjoy sharing their success when they get it and create a solution for themselves.

But…just sometimes…it’s great to work with a bunch of people who just wanna have fun and don’t overthink the process and get a great workout in just the same!

Love ya all!!!!!