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I came across this article today. Take a moment to kick up your feet and read on…

Stress and the Art of Coping
20 Strategies for Surviving Stressful Situations
1. Open up with one-on-one communications.
2. Get outside, smell some fresh air and seek nature’s natural high.
3. Get physical to produce the best natural drugs for calming nerves.
4. Faith over fear. Worry less, trust more. Have faith in a higher power.
5. Play at work and work at play and stop being a serious stuffshirt.
6. Sleep better by not taking your worries, work and wrath to bed…and take power naps
once in awhile.
7. Be more accepting without trying to change your friends and family.
8. Ask yourself “Forty years from now, it this really going to matter?”
9. Strive for imperfection instead of living a no-risk life characterized by fear of failure.
10. Take time for yourself everyday instead of constantly nurturing others at your own
11. Laugh at the light side of life and your own dumb mistakes.
12. Leave work on time and put some balance back into your life.
13. Love your work or find a new job worth loving.
14. Develop a social network of friends you can trust and share problems with.
15. Volunteer regularly because helping others helps you.
16. After tragedies learn to get on with your life without perpetual grieving.
17. Be grateful and appreciative of all the good in your life instead of moaning over your
18. Just do something, anything, to make a little progress on a difficult problem or task.
19. Appreciate health as the true wealth because some of the happiest people live simple,
modest lives.
20. Be more positive by watching less television news and violent shows.
Adapted from the book A Journey to Wellness—Walking Across the Navajo Nation
Written by Robert Sweetgall, published by Creative Walking, Inc. 1-800-762-9255
Distributed by the State Wellness Program, a program of the Employees Benefits Council