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The Happy Heart

In honor of National Heart Month, Diane Catrambone speaks about a healthy heart and some habits to help you maintain good health and wellness.

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Juicy Juicing – some recipes I share

I share 3 juice recipes in this post.

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[video] 6 Stages of Change series – Video 2 Pre-contemplation

Here is the next video in my “Six Stages of Change video series.” In this 4-minute video I discuss the first stage – Pre-Contemplation.  During this stage usually folks are not ready to make a change as they are in denial. If you find yourself in the pre-contemplation stage, you may want to use one […]

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[video] 6 Stages of Change Series – Video 1 – Overview

Welcome to the first in a series of videos in which I will explain the 6 Stages of Change.  Today’s video is an overview of the six stages of change. In this video Diane Catrambone, your Healthy Life Coach and owner of Health By Design, a health and wellness coaching practice, gives an overview of […]

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What seeds have you planted?

Here’s A THOUGHT SHARE from my dear friend and spiritual playmate, Deb Reilly. What seeds have you planted that are now coming ready for harvest? In the coaching realm, it’s largely about asking good questions; the kind of questions that are thought-provoking and cause a person to delve deeper into themselves for the answers.  The […]

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How I Came to be a Healthy Life Coach and Soulful Conversation starter

A short story… This week, I met with a member of my brainstorming group, “Dragon Ladies”. We were brainstorming about how my coaching practice is evolving.  I was ‘filling her in’ on my journey and she said…tell your story. I guess I’ve told parts of the story to different people at different times, but as […]

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Your Health Coaching questions answered

What is health coaching? For most Americans, life is a dizzyingly-busy whirlwind of obligations, responsibilities and priorities. Amidst all of this craziness, many of us have our physicians telling us we need to make some changes – or else! We know that all we really need do is get a little more active and eat […]

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Use Your Mind – Find the Time

As I was growing up, I was taught how to talk, how to walk, how to eat, but I was never taught how to think.  I was told mostly how to feel and memorize and learn, but never how to use all the tools I was given to think. I was taught WHAT to think, […]

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On The Go Omelet recipe

So many people I speak with tell me they don’t have the time for a hearty breakfast. Here’s an idea for you. Would you be interested in making a large omelet and then slicing it up, putting it in the frig/freezer and warming it up before you head out to work in the morning? If […]

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