New Years and the “Resolution”

I gave up making resolutions many years ago. For me, it’s about setting intentions for the wondrous new year and letting go of anything unwanted or unneeded to make space for magic. If you do make resolutions, make them with love for yourself in your heart and soul. Understand that lasting change is difficult to master and be kind to yourself along the way. Make it about self-acceptance and authenticity for who you are and not what you think others want from you. Make it about health and happiness. Make it about love and hold onto it tightly.

Wishing you much joy and peace for the new year!

About Diane Catrambone

I'm Diane Catrambone, Your Healthy Life Coach! I'm Health/Wellness Coach with a bent towards the metaphysical and spiritual realms. The shift is upon us…now, more than ever before you have very clear choices to make that may be being muddled by the “perception” of what you think your life is supposed to look like. If I can be so bold, I give you the freedom to knock it off! Get real, get active and make this life one of authenticity and joy! Do it now!

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