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Employers, NOW is the time for small businesses and corporations to take a pro-active role in the health and wellness of your employees. Here are just a few of the benefits of corporate health coaching:

  • Lowered Medical Costs
  • Improved Employee Productivity
  • Happier, Healthier, More Loyal Employees
  • Lowered Disease Prevalence Rates
  • Reduced Absenteeism

The U.S. Surgeon General reports that 75% of all illnesses can be attributed to lifestyle-related causes. The report also indicates that 53% of America’s population is classified as “inactive.” The more a business can help employees manage their health and avoid illness and disease, the more it can manage its own healthcare costs each year.

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Once your employees experience the benefits of coaching through the self evaluation wellness wheel presentation, they will want to get started on their personal road to the healthiest body, spirit and mind. But the challenges of not enough time or not enough energy still remain. No problem. Your employees can participate in group coaching via teleconferencing each week. We’ll all meet at the same time each week, whether it’s lunchtime, or after work or later in the evening. They will experience the very real benefits of belonging to an encouraging, empowering group of fellow employees making changes too! And you will, once again, reap the rewards of having employees that connect with each other in a real, meaningful way.