Coaching Services

Personal Coaching Services

I like to keep my coaching programs simple. You choose a 3, 6, or 9-month package.

Diane Catrambone, Owner of Health by Design, Inc. is passionate about helping women lead authentic lives through abundant health and fitness. You determine what the definition of health and wellness is for you and together we co-create the wealth of health you are searching for in your life. All the packages are designed to help you identify your value system and live in alignment with those important values while becoming ever more the vibrant woman that is your birthright!

Entrepreneurial Coaching:

Entrepreneurial coaching is meant for anyone wanting to build a dream business, sharpen their existing skills, learn new skills to manage their people and business efficiently, and so many other reasons. Learn more…

Soulful Conversations

A woman’s coaching program that will bring you to peace with your past, to love with your present and to excitement about the future with unbounded joy and hope. That’s what soulful conversation coaching is all about!  Learn more…

Health and Wellness Coaching 

One of the main benefits of working with a Health Coach is accountability. Being accountable to someone will help do what you say you want to do to help you to stay on track.  Learn more…


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You have nothing to lose as there is absolutely no obligation. But I guarantee you will learn much more about yourself in 30 minutes than you EVER THOUGHT POSSIBLE!