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[video] 6 Stages of Change – video 5 – Action

Here is the next video in my “6 Stages of Change” video series – the Action stage. In this stage, you’re stating “I am…”, you’re taking action to rid yourself of barriers and you’re giving yourself rewards.

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6 Tips to Avoid Overeating during the Holidays

Today I share a post from my guest blogger and colleague, Jeannie Feliciano of 3F1 Fitness. Thanksgiving is probably the one holiday where we give ourselves a “pass” to indulge in every delicious and delectable thing that’s within arm’s reach. Afterwards, we find ourselves lying on the coach and bloated. While you may want to […]

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[video] 6 Stages of Change – video 4 – Preparation

Welcome to the the next video in my 6 Stage of Change video series. Today we’ll talk about Preparation. When I’m working with client at this stage, they start to say, “I will.” They are on the path to change and are ready to make a commitment to it. For this stage, you’ll want to […]

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Who Takes Care of the Caregiver?

November is National Caregiver Month, so this post is a reflection about caregivers. So, who takes care of the caregiver?  Well, like lots of other stuff in your life right now, if you are a caregiver, the answer to that question is probably no one. It’s not so easy to take care of yourself when […]

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[video] 6 Stages of Change Series – Video 3 – Contemplation

Welcome to the third video in our 6 Stages of Change series.  Today, I discuss the stage of Contemplation.  When I am working with my coaching clients who are in this stage, often they say things like “I May…” or “I Should…”  They are thinking that they have a challenge, but aren’t thinking in terms […]

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[video] 6 Stages of Change series – Video 2 Pre-contemplation

Here is the next video in my “Six Stages of Change video series.” In this 4-minute video I discuss the first stage – Pre-Contemplation.  During this stage usually folks are not ready to make a change as they are in denial. If you find yourself in the pre-contemplation stage, you may want to use one […]

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[video] 6 Stages of Change Series – Video 1 – Overview

Welcome to the first in a series of videos in which I will explain the 6 Stages of Change.  Today’s video is an overview of the six stages of change. In this video Diane Catrambone, your Healthy Life Coach and owner of Health By Design, a health and wellness coaching practice, gives an overview of […]

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An Upcoming Video Series About Change

Please stay tuned to my healthy life coaching blog over the following weeks.  In an effort to explain the style of coaching I employ, Cooperative Coaching, I thought it might be helpful to discuss change.  During my coaching sessions, I discuss the 6 Stages of Change a lot, and I thought that would be a […]

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What seeds have you planted?

Here’s A THOUGHT SHARE from my dear friend and spiritual playmate, Deb Reilly. What seeds have you planted that are now coming ready for harvest? In the coaching realm, it’s largely about asking good questions; the kind of questions that are thought-provoking and cause a person to delve deeper into themselves for the answers.  The […]

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How I Came to be a Healthy Life Coach and Soulful Conversation starter

A short story… This week, I met with a member of my brainstorming group, “Dragon Ladies”. We were brainstorming about how my coaching practice is evolving.  I was ‘filling her in’ on my journey and she said…tell your story. I guess I’ve told parts of the story to different people at different times, but as […]

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