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About Diane

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Every day I wake up, I’m grateful. I work at keeping life simple. That’s why you won’t find a bunch of words describing what I do or how I do it on this website. I’ve been involved in health and fitness for most of my career and will continue to be involved in this fantastic field until I no longer take breathe. There is just so much to learn and share.

I used to follow the rules. What to eat (whatever was current), how often to exercise (depending on who you talked with), getting the right amount of sleep etc., etc., etc.  I’ve come to a place (maybe it’s my age) where I pay attention to my body and what it’s telling me on any given day. Your body is ALWAYS communicating with you. Once you learn to listen, that’s all the direction you’ll ever need.

What I’ve learned over these many years is that every person is different. We are bio-mechanically different. What one exercise does for me, it may not do for you. We are all bio-chemically different. We are made up of over 75 trillion cells…each one with its own signature and each human with their own set of cells. How could one vitamin work for everyone? Just doesn’t make any sense.

So, even though I hold lots of education and accreditations, I hold them lightly. They come into play when I’m coaching of course, but real coaching happens when I listen very deeply and use my intuition to help you create your own solutions to your very unique situations. That makes sense to me.

So, I’m a master level personal trainer, a certified health coach as well as a stress management and weight management counselor. I hold a degree in Psychology and I’m a lifelong learner. I’m human, so my gremlin gets in my way most every day but I do find joy in pushing her aside and getting on with the job of being human.

You will learn more about me if you decide you want to get to know me better. Click here to sign up for a complimentary discovery session and we’ll learn about each other!


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