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I have trouble with Thanksgiving. I love the abundance of the holiday. I enjoy people reaching out where maybe they would not have before. But, I wonder..what needs to happen in everyone’s life for them to be able to wake up every morning with gratitude? I have struggled in my life to see the glass half full. With wonderful people surrounding me, hubbie especially, I’ve been able to open my heart and see that life gives back to you with an abundance that can not be measured. All you need do is believe…just like magic. I know now that many of you are thinking…what a load of…, but that’s okay. Because this is my life and this belief is what melts my butter! Here’s my opening line when I wake up in the morning…not mine..just borrowed “I am happy, healthy and wise in body, mind and spirit.” and then….I smile.
I am thankful for my planet filled with wonder and magnificence. I am thankful for my country…a place where hope outshines every adversity. I am thankful for my county and my community where the changing of the seasons is deeply felt and greatly appreciated. I am thankful for my family, friends, and any soul who has agreed to share my space, if even for a little while. I am grateful for the ability I have as a human being to have thoughts, create energy and make the impossible possible. Thanks to all….Love to all…


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