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To whom it may concern,

________________(insert your name) has my permission to take the day off from worrying about things that can’t be changed by worry. It’ll get done when it’s time to get it done. The _______ (insert whatever irritant is nagging at you*) will have to wait to bother ___________(insert your name) until another day. (*Feel free to attach a page of nagging irritants to this note. I suggest using several staples; it looks more official than a paper clip.)

Further, ________________(insert your name) is allowed to go outside and hug a tree or look at the clouds or feel the rain on their face. She/He (circle one, or both if you feel mischievous) may also decide to go bowling, watch reruns or do anything else that makes them feel good, not to exclude laughing, singing, making odd noises, hopping, skipping or jumping.

Signed and duly authorized by,
Mo, Self Proclaimed Authority and Extremely Official Looking Permission Slip Writer

Second the Motion by

Diane, Lover of abundant lives and freedom