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Father’s Day and the Summer solstice is a time to celebrate the masculine energy of the sun. Can you feel the strength of the sun right now as it sends its servicing energy to the earth goddess, Gaia, giving birth to all life?

Many of our ancestors understood the power of the sun and would celebrate solstice by chanting, having wild celebrations, dancing to the sun, etc. Maybe it would be a great idea to start worshiping the sun again, or…we could continue to ignore it and just wait to cook ourselves up!

And speaking of cookouts which is a traditional Father’s Day celebration for many, how about the Dads?  Dads and the male energy have gotten some bad press over the last few decades and deserve some attention and gratitude.  Fathers are still expected to go out and bring home the bacon, but then when they get home, they’re also expected to don an apron and cook it up. (Remember the old song….I can bring home the bacon…cook it up in a pan..except it was about women?).  Men are made to do a 360-degree turn in emotions every day.  Women have the expertise to multi-task, men have a more difficult time.  Agree or disagree, that’s the way it is from my point of view.  Instead of making them feel less than because they can’t keep up, it may be time to revisit the idea of the male energy being one who protects and serves, sometimes with a bull dog energy that we women just don’t get. Just sayin’…

So at this moment of the year, find a way to celebrate the masculine, honoring all the fathers and suns, the boys and the men. You may feel lighter and less judgmental if you do.