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News Flash!!!!!!

Fad diets don’t work…maybe for the short haul….but very rarely in the long run of your life journey. Tired of eating grapefruit? Tired of eating cabbage soup? Join the ever growing number of people that are getting the idea…small changes lead to permanent change and the END GOAL.

Is this you?

You announce that you’re ON A DIET! You begin an intense exercise program at the same time. What…maybe a week before you give up in frustration because you are now in a really bad mood? Gotcha!



You go to the store with a list of “healthy foods” that you can’t pronounce (quinoa). That’s a great one for collected flour bugs in the pantry because you just can’t figure out what to do with itJ

I say to you….”STOP IT”

How about……..

You’ve been thinking about a change in your life that you “should” “need to” “must happen” for a while now. For a very long while. You’ve been thinking about it so long, you don’t know how long you’ve been thinking about it…Really?? What’s is gonna take?


Take a breath and focus. Then begin to make choices for yourself

Victim of Circumstance or In Control of Destiny                                                                                                  Pick one and write down your answer____________

Looking for Short Term Fix or Permanent Improvement                                                                                Pick one and write down your answer____________

Denying the Problem or Ready to try something different                                                                            Pick one and write down your answer____________

Like hearing the sound of your complaining voice or wanting to find joy and contentment            Pick One and write down your answer____________

Happy to sit on the couch or feeling the need to move somehow?                                                           Pick One and write down your answer____________

Wondering why you can’t lose the weight you want to lose or do you know the answer?              Pick One and write down your answer____________


Look at your answers, sit with them, focus on them. What feelings do you feel inside? Those feelings could very well direct you to your next small step to permanent change.

Enjoy the ride.

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