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I can help but wonder….(I loved Sex and the City!)

Most people I come into contact with are soooo busy! Running around all day, doing this and doing that. When I speak with them for the first time, they are so enthusiastic about what I do. You’re a health coach? Wow…I need one of those. I need to lose weight…I need to exercise…I need to manage my stress better..and on it goes. However, when I ask them if they are serious..the walls go up and the first thing they say is….yes…BUT…I don’t have the time, I’m too busy!

Really? I’m curious…doing what? We are all busy every day. But are we busy doing the right things? It’s pretty easy not to do something. And it won’t affect our lives today…nor tomorrow..nor next week..and maybe not next year. But the consistent action of not doing something that is good for us will affect our lives, eventually. Bad behaviors turn into bad habits and those bad habits are very difficult to break. It’s those habits that will affect our health, our relationships, our quality of life.

And so I reflect…are you busy working towards a life that you have envisioned for yourself? Or are you paddling upstream in a strong current? You can see the other side, where you would like to be but you can’t get there no matter how hard you work?

I’m sharing an exercise with you today. Instead of writing a “to do” list this week (ya know how that goes)..write a “I did” list for the next seven days. Every night before you sleep, take some time out of your busy schedule ? and write down the things that you did.

Now, how many things that you did serve you in your life? How many make you feel empowered? Energized? Motivated? Connected to Source?
On the flip side, how many things make you feel sad? Frustrated? Overwhelmed? Out of Control? These things do not serve you. Can you erase them from your life? One at a time…baby steps…moving forward to the life of your dreams.

If you are ready to work with me, I’m ready to work with you. Call or email me and set up a free 30 minute coaching session. If it’s a fit, we move on, if not, we don’t. I keep my life simple.

Enjoy the journey!