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Thursday j29

If you have  been working out the past three days….rest today. If not…let’s go with 1 rep max on a deadlift – 10 sets – set it up this wy do your normal warm up.  then do a couple of deadlifts with a sub max weight, working your way up to...

Wednesday J28

Making changes in your life is hard.  Are you ready to act on the change you want to make? Or are you contemplating making the changes, but just are not ready to move? No matter where you are in the change process, it’s fine to be just there. Honor where you are...

Tuesday – J27

Good Morning everyone! Maybe some snow today here in the Northeast. If so, shoveling is in order.  Remember to use your core, keep your shoulders open and protect your back. Squat into the movemet and use those obliques you have been working so hard on…..Just in...

Monday – January 26th

Good Morning All! I trust you are starting off this week with a strong attitude:  Here’s a little something to help you get going! Stair runs – run on the first step for 30 seconds 20 stair pushups 20 walking lunges 20 calf raises (on the step) 20 russian...


no matter the weather….go outside and walk for at least 2 miles. Enjoy the scenery of our beautiful winter and be grateful for the seasons.

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